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Throwback Thursday-Refresh the Love!

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FABulites,  After being in a committed relationship for a long time we sometimes forget what brought us together in the first place. I have my own little cure for this relationship dilemma and I am going to share this bit of fabulosity with my readers. When I met Mr. Frugal, Flirty, N Fab I was 16 years old and the captain of my high school cheer leading team and he was an all star leading basketball player. We had alot in common simply because we were both very actively involved in sports and popular students at the time. Since meeting at 16, getting married, having three kids,paying a high ass mortgage and who can forget this damn recession, I can say that things have changed alot. Every now and then I take it upon myself to show Mr. Fabulosity that the active 16 year old still lives in me only better. I decided to take him to Open Mic Karaoke night at this nice little spot in South beach. I knew that after having 3 Blue Long Island Iced Teas my inner diva would be released. There was a group of us who'd met up at the spot to just relax, have some fun, and enjoy each others company. The spot was packed for some reason and we were having a great time. The curtains came up and the announcer began to ask if anyone was interested in competing in their karaoke night for a $500 grand prize. As soon as the announcer asked Mr. Fabulosity immediately whispered in my ear please don't do this you have had way to much to drink. At first I agreed but after seeing people repeatedly go to the mike without having any skills I was determined to give it a try. I told the announcer I wanted to perform Mary J. Blidges I'm Going Down and at this point there was no turning back. From the moment I hit the first note I was determined to show everyone there including Mr. Fabulosity that I was ready, willing, and able to put on a great show and the drinks definitely reinforced that. I sung my heart out and even threw in what I thought was a couple sultry dance moves. They must have worked because at the end of my song I received a standing ovation needless to say we left with an extra $500 bucks. Performing, winning the money, and the feeling I left with was absolutely amazing, but the best part of the night was seeing Mr Fab look at me with that look that was reminiscent of the way he looked at me when we first met and during my cheer leading days, I tell you it was priceless! Ladies remember we also have to do our parts in keeping our relationships what they once were and what we want them to be. If you have a great relationship stories please share it with me and my readers.....

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