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Fab Finds at Shoptiques!

Happy Monday Fabulites! I hope everyone enjoyed a Fabtabulous weekend cause I for one sure did! Besides the fact that it was Father's Day Weekend and a time to pay tribute to those wonderful men in our lives, it was also special to me because I rocked this awesome dress from Shoptiques!
 In order to understand how much of a Fab Find this is for me you have to understand that while I love finding fashion items online, I'm sometimes hesitant about ordering because I'm not sure how the dresses will fit my particular body type. I'm sure we've all ordered something a time or two and once received you realized that particular look just wasn't for you right? Those were my original thoughts but there was something about this particular dress that made me want to go ahead and take a chance!
The dress turned out to be everything I wanted it to be and then some. The material was amazing, the colors were poppin, and something about it made me want to twirl to no end! This is exactly how one should feel after getting their hands on a Fab Find!
To complete the look I threw on my favorite Gladiator sandals which I also rocked here, Threw the hair up in a high puff like here, and proceeded with a purple pout and black earring! My Father's Day Never Felt Better!
Thanks for allowing me to share my Fab Finds with you. If you'd like to see more please make sure to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and my Facebook FanPage! What Fab Finds did you Rock this weekend?

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