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Parenting Fail and the BabyFab Chronicles!

FABulites, When it comes to parenting I consider myself an old pro! There's no issue I can't handle, or so I thought until this past Saturday Afternoon when I was hit with a reality check I won't soon forget!


We were at the house getting ready to head to Lion Country Safari and BabyFab and I had just finished taking the above selfie when Babyfab put his had on the wall and left a pretty bloody handprint. I picked him up and at first glance thought he'd gotten into my red lipstick. As I looked further I realized he was doing some heavy bleeding from his finger and Suddenly this rather calm, cool, collected Mom who can handle just about anything went into full blown panic mode.

I held his little hand under the sink water in hopes of stopping the bleeding. When that didn't work I called for FabJr. to come and hand me a towel so I could possible apply pressure to the cut. By this time BabyFab was hysterical probably because of the look of sheer panic on both his Mom's and brothers face. I then told FabJr. to get his Dad from outside who first came in calmly and stated the bleeding would not stop becaue he was frantic and his body temperature was up. What,  I yelled out as he held him also trying to put pressure on the cut. Although only maybe a minute had passed it felt like an eternity and I could no longer stomach the thought of my baby's finger bleeding. I mean at this point my knees were beginning to buckle and I was sure at any moment is be fainting! Here's where things got really interesting.

Hubby ran to the kitchen, grabbed my big rice pot, filled it with as much ice and water as he could and requested I have the baby put his hand in it. Was he nuts? I knew my kid would not just sit and put his hand in a pot of freezing water. At this point I grabbed my purse, keys, and FabJr.  and sprinted out the house with BabyFab on my way to the nearest ER. Hubby watched me in pure disbelief but I was determined to get my child some help. Operation Save My Son was in full effect and I could just picture myself dashing into the ER declaring an emergency and pleading for help for my child! Just as I was considering pulling my car over to the side and calling for the paramedics FabJr. told me the cut had stopped bledding and Babyfab was then requesting cheese puffs! What the hell was going on I thought to myself.

By this time all was well with the world so I hoped on the phone and called Hubby and asked if he was ready to head to the park. He said so you realized you were over reacting and came to your senses huh, I did not agree but simply told him the bleeding had stopped and all was well. Ha!
This incident taught me so much about being a parent in such a short amount of time. It taught me that no matter how good of a MOM you think you are, there are just certain things you just won't be prepared for. It taught me the importance of having an accessible first aid kit in the home, which I definitely picked up later that day. It taught me that my Hubby is a little crazy requesting that my 1 year old toddler just sit patiently with his hand in a bucket of freezing water, and taught me no matter what, good or bad, I got my Baby's back well for the most part! Oh and most of all it taught me that even the tiniest of cuts can have super bleeding capabilities. Now that I think about the bleeding , even that was much more in my head than in actuality but during the moment it felt so severe!   Thanks for allowing me to share this incident with you all. Something tells me this won't be the first or the last!  Have you ever had something happen with your child that took you outside the norms of parenting? If so please feel free to share it with the Frugal Flirty N Fab and as always Enjoy your Day!

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