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ThrowBack Thursday-Blogging Body Issues and Me!

Its 5:26 in the a.m. and I'm up blogging because there's something I want to bring to your attention that you just might not be aware of if you're not a blogger. Its the age old topic of Blogging and Body Issues. I participated in a weekly bloggers chat group called #BlogTrends and this was the topic of discussion last night, but I left the chat with so many things I wanted to discuss but never did so thought I would just get it all out  here. While I think it's fab that so many of us can get together to discuss the whole body image topic I left the meeting actually seeing and feeling a complete disconnect. I think its hard for a blogger to see and experience what a size 8, African American, Fashion Blogger  goes through on a daily basis if you yourself have never experienced it.

Many will never know what its like to blog about a brand you luv for a year straight only to contact them and be told their not interested in working with you because you don't fit the image their looking for! We talked about how a majority of the bloggers who get the brand sponsorships and major acknowledgements are normally really thin and pretty and represent the brands target audience, but I don't believe that person who is thin and pretty and always being contacted by brands can understand me feeling like I'm not contacted because I'm not thin, I'm black, and just your average looking female. To say that brands are more in contact with you because you represent their target audience is a lie within itself as far as I'm concerned.  I think it's just a way for brands to sell a false image that we allow to happen repeatedly by purchasing those products. I mean let's face it, Its a known fact that women are more likely to buy when the person selling the product looks more like they  do and I don't recall the size 2 diva being the norm so why is she the mass majority of what we see in the magazines, commercials, and even online sites? . We also had some that stated Minorities or Plus size bloggers weren't being acknowledged simply because they weren't working hard enough on their blogs to be contacted by Brands and Sponsors and we all know that's a cop out! Don't get me wrong, I happen to be in a serious luv affair with my body and the image I have created but Imagine working hard and constantly reaching for a goal that you may never achieve simply because you're not 5'7 with blond hair an blue eyes. Even if you pretend to just be blogging for the pure satisfaction of it, what could be more satisfying than being recognized simply for the luv of what you do.

I appreciate the fact that such a large group can get together and discuss such a heated topic without there being any blood shed, but I also left the meeting feeling a little clueless on what to do next. Not a day goes by that I'm not telling someone how to find a great pair of shoes at bargain prices, how to find a fab dress on a budget, or how to shop to make an everlasting impression on date night. So personally speaking when it comes to being able to sell fashion, I am and will always be what I consider the perfect target audience! Isn't it time you see someone like you selling the items you want to wear, or will we forever allow society and brands to forever feed us the targeted separation? I simply cant wait for the day that I see women of all ages, sizes, and colors being represented equally when it comes to fashion and I feel my role as a fashion blogger of color is to fight, educate, and bring attention to this issue until it changes! I ask each and every one of you today, Are you ready for a change?

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