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Must Luv Capes!

I live for a nice understated dramatic look. You know that look that appears like you spent all day preparing to wear it when in actuality it only took mere seconds to prepare. What can be more dramatic than a Fab Caped look? Today I'm sharing with you my must have Capes  Looks all priced under $75, Let's get started!
I love the fact that there are such a variety of options when it comes to the caped look. This list of Must Haves includes everything from the caped jumper to the caped romper and everything in between. The caped look is great for a special event, date night, girls night out and most definitely those times when you wanna show up and show out! Enough about how I fell about my Must Have Capes, Now it's time to find out which ones you're feeling and that are topping your Can't Live Without List! 
Make sure to click on the arrow to move ahead to view the next look in my collection. As always thanks for joining me and until we meet again my friend!

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