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Weekend Recap and Monday Fit of the Day!

Happy Monday Luvs! Hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend. I spent a pretty quiet weekend with my family enjoying what I like to call Life's Finer Moments. Friday evening I had the opportunity to enjoy a nice glass of wine while catching up on missed episodes of HBO's drama "Ballers", featuring Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson. Love this show! Saturday morning I had the pleasure of participating in the 20th Anniversary of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure which was amazing in more ways than one. Feel free to follow me on Instagram for some of the fab picture that were taken from the event. Sunday my family and I  cranked up the grill and enjoyed Football Sunday complete with chicken, steak, burgers, potatoe salad, baked beans, and more. Delicious even though our team, (Redskins) didn't fare so well. As you can see my weekend was full of fabness but let's venture off into one of my weekend highlights. I had alittle break after my Saturday morning event so of course I headed to Pembroke Lakes Mall. To my surprise one of my favorite stores H&M was having a Buy 1 Get 1 Free clearance sale and I'll just show you a sample of how that worked out for me!

FABulites, I am so in love. I have always been the person that goes for the super bright colors like the hot pinks and flaming reds and never had much interest in anything else. This Fall I'm not sure what happened but everything changed. I am totally obsesses with colors like Olive, Burnt Orange, Mustard and more! Obsessed I tell ya!

When I laid eyes on this beautiful mustard shift dress it was obviously love at first sight! The fact that I found it on the Buy 1 Get 1 Free Rack completely solidified our relationship!

Clearly this is my "she works hard for the money face"!! Love the way this look turned out. I cant wait to share my other Fab find with you later on during the week so make sure you stick around!

So happy to have my photographer FabJr. back with me. Can we give him a little round of applause for going out on a limb and getting this ground shot! We have been short of photos lately because he now has basketball practice before school which was when we did most of my outfit of the day shots. Yesterday we decided to try something new and see how things worked out when doing a night shoot.....Luv It! My only questions is why did we wait so long to try it?

To complete my look I threw on these super cute leaf errings that I purchased from Burlington, One of my favorite accessories store and my favorite Milani Lipstick in Matte Flirty! I love the darker lipstick with the Mustard dress!

Finished my look off with these super comfortable Booties I picked up from Charlotte Russe. I find that they go very well with my new favorite color palette. I adore the cut out on the side and the rubber on the bottom makes it easy to walk in them all day long if necessary. Win Win all the way around.

As always thank you for allowing me to share my Weekend and Fit of the Day with you. What did your weekend consist of and more importantly, What are your rocking for your Fit of the Day?

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