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How to Make Curry Goat!

So I was driving home from work this evening trying to figure out both What I was going to cook for dinner as well as what I was going to post to the blog and it hit me. I operate a Lifestyle blog so go ahead and give the readers what they want, what they need and a true look into my everday life while completing dinner at the same time by sharing with everyone How to make the Oh So Tasty Curry Goat!!

Curry Goat is a family favorite in the Fab household. I learned how to make it many years ago from my Mother in Law so I could give hubby a taste of the foods he grew up eating. The first couple times I attempted to make it were sorta horrible but its true what they say, "Practice Make Perfect" and now  I sit back and watch others as they marvel about the delicious taste and tender meat falling off the bone!
The first step in creating this delicious meal is heading to your nearest meat store and purchasing anywhere from 3-5lbs of Goat Meat. Most often it's already cut up and ready to be purchased in pieces.

2 Russet Potatoes
Black Pepper
Curry Powder
Complete Seasoning
Garlic Powder
All Spice
Seasoning Salt
Cooking Oil

Clean meat thoroughly then proceed to season meat with the above seasoning and let sit for10-15 minutes. Once meat has sat in seasoning then coat meat with flour and prepare to brown the meat.
Proceed to heat oil in a skillet adding Curry Goat and fry until meat is slightly brown on all sides
Once meat is brown add water and let meat cook on high
Check meat occasionally making sure there's enough water in the pot and add additional seasoning if necessary.
After 20-30 minutes add potatoes to meat and continue to let cook. Be advised the longer you allow the meat to steam the more tender the meat will be.
Once Curry Goat is at your desired consistency and cooked thoroughly remove meat from heat and prepare to share!
 I like to eat my Curry Goat on a full and fluffy bed of Jasmine Rice with a side of seasoned veggies. Delicious every time!
Thanks for allowing me to share my Fab Curry Goat recipe with you today. I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any question when preparing please shoot me an email to

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