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Tips to Keep Your Big Man Looking Good!

It can already be tough for most guys to figure out how to combine comfort and couture when it comes to an outfit. This is doubly true for big and tall guys who have to struggle with much fewer options in addition to trying to find something that complements their king size physique. Thankfully, there are a few helpful tips and tricks that can help make any large guy look fresh.


Activewear is actually huge when it comes to popular fashion; much to the delight of dudes everywhere. From hoodies to sweatpants, men can actually use the excuse that "it's fashionable" to their wives when they go out rocking workout gear when they walk about about town. Now, that's not to say that your old, ratty gym clothes with the stains are appropriate, but much like it is with women, designer athletic wear is very much in style. When worn well, it can help to slim down big guys and make you look like a healthy or active dude. At least, you'll look like you're working on it. Some of the designer offerings can be hard to find, but there are plenty of affordable options for large men are
if you know where to look. Jump on this trend now because it's not every day that a men can look cool and stylish while also being supremely comfortable.


If you're a big guy (or know one), it might be time to get rid of that uncomfortable (and unflattering) belt and trade it in for a nice pair of suspenders. When you're packing a bit of a buddha belly, a belt isn't going to do you justice and it's also hard on your pants. A belt on big guys has been compared to "trying to fasten the collar around the lower third of a basketball"  because of the way the stomach tapers down. This results in men having to cinch their belts much higher than their natural waist, which bunches up the pants and pinches at the stomach. With a sharp pair of suspenders you can keep the front of your pants flat while holding them up with your shoulders as opposed to your hips. It's much more flattering (and comfortable) for guys who are looking to be large and in charge.

Fitted Clothes

This might seem counter-intuitive but hear us out: the fit makes the man. You might think that fitted clothing will make you look bigger but the effect is actually the opposite . When you wear oversized clothing, you're not hiding your size like you might think—you're actually drawing more attention to it. Plus, you look poorly dressed because your clothes don't fit right. There's no need to add insult to injury. By getting a well-fitted (that's fitted, not tight) shirt or suit, you can find an outfit that works for you instead of against you. Next time you're thinking of investing in some work clothes or dress clothes, take the time to go see a good tailor and you'll never think the same way about your clothes again.

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