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How to Rock Flared Jeans-#SoFlaCurves Style!

TGIF Lovs! It's been one heck of a week but it's finally Friday and I'm feeling it! Today I'd like to talk to you a little about one of this Springs hottest trends, the Flared Jean look and How you too can rock it! Let's Begin!
flared jean trend

History definitely repeats itself and that includes fashion as well which is why the flared jean look of the 70's era will always be a timeless style staple. I've loved flared jeans since I was a little girl so it's no wonder I jumped at the chance to share with you just how I choose to rock my flares. it was a time of peace, love, and lots of festivals and that's one of the main things that comes to mind when I first think of flared jeans. Today the look is kinda like a Mom Chic, High Waist Rocking, Skinny Jean rebellious way to show off a little and I'm here for all parts of it!

I'm at this new stage in life where I'm absolutely loving all parts of my body and I love how flared jeans play up that love. I'm a black girl with full thighs and round hips and I swear I feel like this trend was made for women just like me! My body's beautiful baby and I'm gonna Rock these flared jeans and show you just how beautiful it is!
There are actually tons of ways to rock the flared look. For my preferred look of the day I decided to play up the trend with a super cute and feminine off the shoulder semi flutter sleeve top, my favorite new head wrap I first wore here, thin belt to help emphasize my waist, super cute just smile clutch, wedge shoes, and of course my Violet Rose pout! The look came together flawlessly and had me feeling like a million bucks!
For today's take on the flared trend I actually had the pleasure of teaming up with my #SouthFlaCurves  Boo's  Kirstin, Natalia, and Sahily so we could also get their take on the flared look as well. Make sure you stop by their blogs and show each of my girls a little curvy love! It's the first of what I hope to be many monthly collaborations and I can't wait to show you more!
Thanks for allowing me to share my take on How to Rock Flared Jeans with you today and I hope you learned a little something about how you might wanna try rocking the trend yourselves. Anyone can rock the look but the confidence and fabness you bring to the style is all you and that's what I love seeing and playing up the most! Allows me to be Fab, Fashionable, and Flared yet another day and I'm loving it!
Have you had the pleasure of  Rocking the Flared look? What's your take on this popular 70's trend! Share your thoughts below!
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