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Summer Wedding-What I Wore!

FABulites, I'm not sure sometimes if it's a gift or a curse but I seem to have been blessed with the gift of waiting for the last minute to get things done and then rocking those things out in the final stages. It seems to happen for every event no matter how hard I try or how early in advance I plan on starting the beginning phases. It's almost like it's a drug and my ultimate high comes from seeing exactly what kind of rabbit I'm going to pull out of my bag of tricks and yesterday's Summer Wedding Masterpiece is the latest fashion fabness I speak of.........

How far in advance did I know about the wedding, over 6  months and what did I do to prepare myself for said wedding prior, Nothing! Fast forward to exactly 2 days before the wedding when that mild panic begins to somewhat set in and this is where things kinda got a little more interesting.

I knew I wanted to wear something bright and I also wanted to wear a dress with a trumpet or flared bottom but other than that it was all about the fit for me. You see I'd been putting in a little extra time in at the gym lately and in my head my dress would be a direct ode to my hard work and dedication. I spent a majority of my Friday evening trying on different dresses to no avail but for some reason I did not allow the fact that I was a mere 2 days away from the wedding and didn't have anything to wear consume me. Instead I kept calm and looked forward to a productive Saturday morning shopping session, or so I thought!

Saturday morning I woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to find my dress and enjoy my day but when after 4 hours of shopping and I had nothing, panic was beginning to set it. I mean not only didn't I have a dress but I also had no nails and feet done, no makeup ideas, no idea of what accessories I'd be wearing and no idea of anything else! It was a day before the wedding and it was getting real in these fashion streets! After a brief panic attack or 2 I then gathered myself and 9decided to give one more mall a try before I  just snatched up the nearest dress I could find.

In a last ditch effort I decided to head into Bloomingdales in Aventura Mall and this my friends is where the magic begins. In all the pictures I'd envisioned I knew I wanted to wear  nice bright color and something with a great fit and that's exactly when this Summer Stunner from across the room caught my attention. It was everything I was hoping for in a dress and so much more! I definitely stood there in disbelief just staring at it for at least5 minutes. I men it was beautiful, priced to perfection, the Summer Wedding Fit of my dreams and within just mere minutes after laying my eyes on her she was all mine! Don't you just love when that plan you never had comes together? HEHE!

I absolutely love everything about weddings and thanks to this little number I was able to love seeing the Union of  Mr.  and Mrs. Powell in  the utmost style! Congratulations you two!

Ever had a situation when it appeared you messed up by waiting for the last minute to find something to wear and then a miracle happened? If so I'd love to hear all about it in the comments below and make sure to check out my Instagram for additional pics.  As always thanks for stopping by and checking out my post and Oh , before you go, How Do I Look?

Dress-Bloomingdales/ Shoes-Macy's/ MakeUp-Khambria Monet/ Earrings-Burlington

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