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Summer's Top 25 Must Have Wedges!

Hey Yall Hey and Happy Second Day of Summer! I am so excited about Summer 2016. I have been working out extra hard, cutting back on the soda and carbs and I'm liking what I see even when swimsuit shopping! Another element of Summer16 that has me excited is all the super cute wedges that are currently out and about. The different styles, prints, and patterns are nothing short of amazing! For these reasons and also because they allow you to look super fab on a budget I'm sharing with you my Top 25 Must Have Wedges, Your ready to take a look?

Click on the arrow to view all top 25 choices. For prices and additional info click on the shoe.
Man Listen, Unless you live on a remote island somewhere and spend your days and night barefoot, Wedges are a Must! Yeah I said it! Doesn't matter if you chose a 1 inch or go wild and crazy in a six inch wedge, whatever you do, just chose one, as a matter of fact if you're having a hard time making a decision, chose them all!  I love the fact that wedges give you the appearance of wearing a herl but with the comfortability of wearing a flat. I also appreciate the fact that wedges can be dresses up for a night out on the town as well as dressed down for an afternoon out with the Fam! If played right your entire Summer can be spent in a pair!

Which of my 25 Wedges are Topping your Must Have List? What Summer16 Fashion trends are you most excited about?

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