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Tapered Cut Love- The Journey!

Hey yall Hey! It's  early morning and I'm up getting all the deets on Hurricane Mathew but before I go into full blast panic mode  I wanted to  take a little time and speak with you about why I feel the need to show a little love for my new tapered cut, and how this beauty came about, You ready?

Tapered Natural Hair

I'm just going to be brutally honest with you because I know no other way.  A couple of weeks ago I'd had it with my hair and decided I wanted a look with a  little more edge and one that wasn't so predictable so I very hastily colored my hair and then proceeded to try to cut it myself, The Horror begins!

Tapered Hair Styles

All seemed pretty well after I was done and I was actually surprised I'd done such a great job. After watching what appeared to be a thousand natural hair cut videos on You Tube I felt pretty confident that I was doing the right thing and after the original cut was completed I was so pleased with my work that I made my very on video, See it here! I specifically remembered all being right with the world that day or at least so I thought!

Natural Hair Styles

By the time day two of my Tapered Life rolled around things weren't going as well as I originally thought. Clearly I wasn't as good cutting my hair as I thought and this little issue turned into a huge issue as I found myself pretty unsure of what to do next. Normally I would run into the comforting arms of my Puff but because of the amount of hair I'd cut off I could no longer get my hair in a puff. Immediately panic set in! At that point I decided to do the only thing I felt I could which was put it in two twist and hope and pray this tapered mess would just go away!

Why I wear a Tapered Style

After  a week of what I'm sure was hair anxiety I decided to place my pride to the side and let a professional hook me up! Friday evening after work I decided to head over to my boys Barber and allow him to correctly taper it for me. OMG when I tell you I felt the Hair Gods were shining on me once the cut was completed was an understatement! It was shaped perfectly, edgy, and just the look I was going for! I couldn't wait to get home and show it off ! Who knew hair could take you through such struggles? Definitely not I but in the end I consider it to be one of the best decisions I've made concerning my hair so far. The major lesson I learned is not to be afraid to try something new, take a leap of faith, and always be open to the possibilities I mean it's just hair right?

Thanks for allowing me to share my Tapered Life with you! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on my new cut! Does your hair ever give you anxiety? How do you go about deciding when its time for a new hair style or look?

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