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Fashion Obsession-SKIRTS!

Hey FABulites Hey! How's everyone doing today? I feel like I'm on cloud 9! Not sure if it because of the wonderful movie Almost Christmas I got to see last night or because I'm excited by everyone exercising their right to vote but today is a Good Day! To keep the positive momentum going I think now is the perfect time to share with you my latest obsession, Skirts!

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I have had nothing but Skirts on the brain since I purchased this really cute Jean Skirt a couple weeks back. It just felt right! Since then I cannot  stop obsessing over which I'm going to purchase next! Metallic is always a hot holiday trend and when you combine it with the pleated look you can't possibly go wrong. Suede is also a very popular trend and I love some of the Fall color patters this trend allows you to play with. I'm also feeling what I like to think is a fairly new trend this year, the Sweater Skirt and I'm definitely looking to see more of what this style has to offer. So far I'm loving the variety of prints and patterns associated with this trend so you can definitely expect to see this look appearing on a Frugal Flirty N Fab blog post soon!

What skirts are you currently Obsessing over? Which ones are topping your must have list?
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