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Week in Review and Glasses USA!

This has been one heck of a week, with  voting, the election results, and all the after effects but  I am beyond thrilled it's Friday and this week is coming to a close. Besides the fact that it was election week I also picked up a couple of  holiday blogging campaigns,  attended the Miami Gardens food and Wine Preview Party, Caught the media preview of Almost Christmas and even managed to make my famous homemade lasagna for the fam. While the week was packed with stimulation one of the most rewarding things that happened this week was me receiving these really great glasses from Glasses USA. Grab a seat and allow me to tell you all about them.


For years I've tried to understand what it is about being a man that no matter what the situation is you never ever ever ask for directions. But as I get older I'm positive I'm getting a much clearer understanding. I'm not sure what it is with my hubby and I but for as long as I can remember he's said I've needed glasses and I've denied it for the life of me, that is until time changed and it became very clear that he might not have always been right but right now he's on the money!


Since Daylight Savings Time changed over the weekend I'm now forced to commute home for nearly 2 hours with a majority of this now being done in the dark. The very first day it took me nearly three  hours simply because I was being so extra cautious. One of the worst drives home of my life but also the moment  I made the decision to get some glasses and found my friends at Glasses USA.

Glasses USA offers online quality prescription eyewear at discount prices with a 365 day manufacturer’s warranty, free lenses, and free shipping. Not only am I  head over heels obsessed with  the glasses I chose but the fact that I can see 100x's better and that they're super fashionable is the icing on the cake!

The ordering process is super easy. Simply find the style and color of the frames you want, provide the prescription and then sit back relax and watch Glasses USA do the rest! I decided to select Elliot in Tortoise/Gold because they were everything I was looking for and more. Best decision I made!

Looking for a way to see things a little more clearly? Look no further than GlassesUSA!

For additional info or to select your very own eyewear please visit

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