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King and Queen of Hearts Tour Concert Review!

You've read a  couple of my music event reviews before but did you know that I'm a diehard RnB music lover. It was what I was born listening to, What I crave on a daily basis, and simply put It's what makes my soul complete! That's why when I hooked up with the fine folks at Livenation I knew life as I once knew it would never be the same. To show me just how much of a fine collaboration it was, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Mary J Blige/ Maxell Queens and Queens of Heart Tour featuring RnB Powerhouse Ro James  my very first time out! Not bad at all I must say!

It was like Heaven on Earth when one of my favorite RnB singers joined forces with another of my favorite vocalist for the King and Queen of Hearts Tour. Throw in up and coming vocalist Ro James and instantly you have magic!

When I entered American Airlines Arena Tuesday night I wasn't sure exactly what I was in store for. Within 2 minutes of being on the scene my highest expectations were met!

There she was, standing just feet before me, The Queen of Hip Hop Soul herself Mary J Blige! I immediately took my seat and prepared for the journey Mary was about to take me on. Mary started out talking to and thanking her die hard fans who have been with her since her debut in 1991. Mary thanked everyone for allowing her to grow and persevere through all the good and not  so good times.  This all went down while appropriately so Share my World was playing in the background. Mary went on to talk to us about why its important  to not only Like but Love themselves and why it was something she had to learn how to do.

I was like a kid at Christmas when life long friend and mentor P Diddy joined Mary on stage. It was nice to get a first hand look at the relationship these two have built. The real awesomeness began when they took us back with some of those unforgettable moves from the 90's immediately forcing me to my feet! I danced like no one was watching and so di the rest of the crowd that packed the arena. Mary went on to perform all her hits including My Life, No More pain, Not Gone Cry and more before introducing her band and letting us know there's so much more to come from the Queen of RnB! 

People I nearly lost all my religion and forget I was a dedicated Wife and Mom when bae as I affectionately like to call him took the stage. I couldn't believe I was in the presence of such greatness and trust when I tell you, Mr. Maxwell did not disappoint. I love how music can instantly take you back to a time and place in your life that you'll never forget and when Maxwell performed it was almost like I was time traveling!

In an instance there he was, Maxwell was performing This Woman's Work as only I'd dreamed of. I was in complete awe as I sung all the lyrics to the song I loved so much I decided to walk the aisle to  during my wedding. I mean who can forget hearing this song on the big screen during love and Basketball?

Maxwell thanked the crowd for allowing him to grow, change his hairstyle, and become the man he is today. He shouted out the Haitians in the audience and also spoke about some of todays issues while mentioning the Black Live Matter Movement. Just when you thought things couldn't get any better Maxwell gave us some dips and thrusts just to let us know that even at  43 years old, he still has moves. You should probably already know I was here for all of it! Make sure to hit up my Instagram for a brief look at some of those moves I spoke about.

Listen, This was definitely one of THEE BEST concerts I've ever had the pleasure of attending and reviewing. If you consider yourself a fan of RNB Music it's definitely a don't miss. For additional concert dates or to purchase tickets make sure you visit LIVENATION and let them know the  Frugal Flirty N Fab sent ya!

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing The King and Queen of Hearts Tour? What was your experience? What was your favorite part?

While complimentary tickets were provided the thoughts and opnions in this review are all my own.

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