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The Giveback and Fab Fit of the Day!

Happy Monday FABulites! Hope everyone enjoyed a fabtabulous weekend. One of the things I focused on this weekend was learning to love and appreciate the smaller things in life. Saturday afternoon I found myself eating Chipotle in my car outside of Target and all I could think about was how it's the little things in life that bring us joy. Speaking of joy, lets get into my Monday Fall Fit of the Day!

I actually purchased this dress last year to attend an event but since I've moved I'm now able to find more of my clothes and when this one popped up I couldn't wait to throw it on. Did I mention I purchased this Fab Find for a Cute $20?

This dress just screams Fall Fabness to me. I absolutely adore the color, the style, the fab print, and the fact that I can easily dress it up or down for work or play. I also really appreciate the fact that it's a no fuss dress. doesn't need ironing or anything else which means yo can just throw it on a go about your life of fabness!

I love the way I feel when I'm wearing this dress and I would also love for someone to experience this feeling. That's why I've decided to give this dress away to someone who could use a little pick me up! I know clothes can't solve problems but I also believe in the power of a good dress. If  you know of someone who could benefit from wearing this dress over the holidays leave me a comment telling me why you think I should give this dress to her. This dress is  size 6 but due to it's relaxed fit and elastic waist I believe it can easily and comfortably fit anyone from a size 0-12.  The receiver will be chosen by the end of the week and will go out next day mail Saturday morning. I might not be able to do a lot this Thanksgiving but I'm sure I can make someone smile.

 I'm kinda thinking this is something I should do more often. I've been blessed with the ability to find great fashions on a frugal budget and I'd love the chance to share my gift with others. How does once a month sound to you guys. One of the greatest joys I experience is when someone comes to me and asks fashion advice so consider this my little way of giving back.

Thanks so much for allowing me to share with you my Monday Fit of the Day! I can't wait to read your comments and allow someone else the joy of wearing this beauty.

How do you plan on Giving Back this Holiday Season?

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