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Most Wanted Metallics-Holiday Must Haves!

FABulites Listen Up!  We are jus ta week away from the Christmas Holiday and I say if you're going to show up for Christmas Dinner that you also Show all the Way Out! To help you do just that I have put together this awesome list of my Most Wanted Metallic pieces sure to assist you in doing just that, Let's take a look!

Metallic shine and shimmer are exactly what you need to kick your Holidays off in style. They are cute, eye catching, budget friendly, and have the tendency to state I Have Arrived without you ever having to open our mouth and say a word. They come in many great styles and patterns and I believe they'd be a super fun and stylish addition to any holiday Event, Dinner, or Party! One of the things I appreciate most about wearing metallic is that that they take most of the guess work out of accessorizing your outfit because when you're wearing these you need to add very little to make your look pop. Definitely a less is more kinda thing!

Have you put your Christmas Day look together or decided on how do you plan on bringing in your holidays in style? More importantly will you be Rockin one of these Must Have Metallic looks to do just that?
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