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Focus is the Name of the Game!

FABulites, it's the beginning of yet another work week and my friends it's time to get to it! We all know "The harder you work for something, The greater you'll feel when you achieve it", but the true secret to achieving this is by simply working smarter and not harder. I'm not sure what's been happening inside my head lately but recently I'm coming up with one great idea after the next on how to grow my brand, my blog, and take my business to the next level. The ideas are amazing, motivating, and inspiring but the question is, How do I stay focused long enough to make things happen, Let's talk!

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I'm a procrastinator, I set goals I never really have no plan of achieving, and when things don't work out as planned I can be pretty quick to dump that idea all together but hopefully now that I'm fully aware of my downfalls, that's all about to change. The first thing I need to change is my mindset.

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 I along with everyone else have the same 24 hours in a day so from this point forward I say kick rocks to the excuse, I don't have enough time. We all have the time it's just about how we prioritize it. The time is now to turn off the TV, cut back on the lounging,  and get out there and make things happen.

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Another thing that must happen is I now must hold myself accountable for the choices I'm making and stop giving myself free passes. I need to learn how to be tough with myself and not so forgiving and lackluster when I fail to get the ball rolling or accomplish things in a timely manner. I need to start writing things down and have a trail of where I started and what were the end results.

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FABulites, you greatly encourage me but the time is now to encourage myself! I know exactly what it will take for me to reach my goals and the steps required for me to do so. Will it be easy, probably not, Worth it, Absolutely! What are your secrets for making sure you stay focused and on track for achieving your goals? Until we meet again Stay Positive and Hustle on my friends!


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