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Lessons-Resolutions-Execution, 2018 a Week In!

Hi guys and Happy 1st Friday of 2018. How's this New Year been treating you so far? Things are definitely off to a rocky start for me. I started the year off with a stye on my eye causing me to miss 2 days of work and scare my toddler with how ugly it made me look. While it's made me super uncomfortable, It's  forced me to think outside of my outer appearance and focus on the good that comes from within. When I'm not posing for the gram I have a genuine willingness to help others, I cry tears of joy when I see others winning, and my daily motivation is  just be happy no matter what and to bring joy to those around me. Believe it or not this ugly awakening was just what I needed to jumpstart my January and make me focus on what's most important. I guess it's true, Life really has a way of showing us things.

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On another note I'm ending my first week of 2018 on hopefully a positive note. Tonight I'll be attending my company's Holiday Party. I know I know it's kinda late but better late than never ? It's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to really dress up and enjoy my coworkers so let's all say a prayer and hope I'm not the one who get's fired because of her behavior at the holiday party!!

What unexpected lessons have 2018 taught you so far? What resolutions are still going strong and which ones have you already decided to toss out and start again next year? No matter where you are on your journey always keep in mind no matter what life throws your way you can handle it and most importantly is resolutions are nothing without execution!

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