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Jazz in the Gardens Day 2 Finale Recap!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Hump Day! First off let me start by thanking every one for all the love shown for my Jazz in the Gardens Day 1 Recap, I greatly appreciate all the support and motivation. I'm a music lover from birth so it gives me great pleasure to be able to share my experiences with all of you and having you all enjoy it as well. With that being said lets jump right into my Jazz in the Gardens Day 2 Recap, You won't want to miss this!

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With Day 1 behind me I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Day 2 but what I did know is that whatever happened, Good, Bad, or Indifferent, I was here for it! I arrived at the Hard Rock Stadium just in time to enjoy a bite to eat and get settled in and ready for the talented and legendary Mrs. Anita Baker and within moments the songstress graced us with her presence. From the moment she took the stage I was immediately transported back to a time when my oldest sister (Merlyn) would play the Songstress album repeatedly forcing my 10 year old brain to memorize all the worlds and sing along. She was beautiful, she was talented, she had the most soothing voice I'd ever heard before and now for the first time ever she was right in front of me! Anita opted out of having the media take the stage for photos but I was able to get this snippet of her performance to share with my Instagram Fam, so please enjoy it!

Next to take the Jazz in the Gardens stage was my boyfriend in my head Joe (don't mention this to the hubby)! Joe hit the stage and took off singing all his classics with the dance moves to match! Joe looked amazing, sounded amazing and had the Jazz in the Gardens audience eating out of his hands. I wasn't sure how the audience would react to Joe following up Anita Baker but trust me when I tell you this brotha did his thang!

Joe looking fly as all out hell in his studded jacket!

Next up were two of my personal favorites who took us all on a trip back to the 90's singing all  their House Party classics and even doing all their own dance moves. Kid N Play kicked off the 90's taking us all on a ride then letting us know that they were tired as hell from all the moves and so were we!

Salt N Pepe reminded us all why they got us in trouble as kids singing their dirty lyrics and doing those nasty dances! The ladies performed as if these were the 90's hitting every dance move and dope rhyme. The Ladies were looking good and sounded even better! I think what I enjoyed most about this performance was just watching them on stage enjoying it so much. They also had some super hot male dancers with them and  that's always a plus!

Biz Markie took us all on a journey singing his classic You Got What I Need and even paying tribute to Prince by belting out his song Kiss. Trust me when I tell you it was a sight and sound to behold!

When it was time for this young man to perform I had reservations and didn't quite know if the Jazz in the Gardens crowd was ready for all that comes along with the rappings of  Miami's own Trick Daddy, but once that beat dropped to Can't fuck with the South  that Miami crowd went Bananas! I can't even begin to explain the emotions that came over me! I'm not sure if I was more impressed by the thought of the Miami boy making good and performing for his home town or by the fact that the middle to elderly aged audience was eating up the performance! Don't even get me started on what happened when Trina joined him on stage to sing Nann! This performance was EVERTHNG! Thank you TRICK for being yourself and Thank you Miami for loving him because of it!

Thank you for allowing me to share with you my 2018 Jazz in the Gardens Recap. I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy sharing it with you. What's your favorite Jazz in the Gardens moment of all time? At this point I have way too many to name and I'm positive soon I'll have even more to add to the list! For additional information on Jazz in the Gardens please visit

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