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13th Annual Jazz in the Gardens Winning Weekend-Day 1!

Hello FABulites, Welcome to the new and improved Frugal Flirty N Fab where today I'll be discussing with you the awesomeness also known as Jazz in the Gardens! I find myself deep in thought as I write this post and that's because I want to make sure I'm able to convey to you the sights, the sounds, the history, the magic that happens in my community annually during Jazz in the Gardens. For some it's just another music festival but for me it's that time of year I see my city come live, I see my community prosper, I see beautiful brown and black people from all over become one. This my friends is Jazz in the Gardens!

Polka Dots/ Jumpsuits/ Women's Conference/Style

The city of Miami Garden has definitely taken Jazz in the Gardens weekend to the next level. This year the festival consisted of  FMAC which is a conference covering everything in the arts such as Film, Music, Art, and Culture, Poetry in the Gardens, Spice it Up Miami (food), Women's Impact Luncheon, and the Opening Night Party.  Looking for something to do, Jazz in the Gardens has gotcha covered! Pictured above is how I official kicked off my weekend at the Women's Impact Luncheon which was Inspiring, Empowering, Motivating and nothing short of amazing!

Now that I was fully engulfed in the fabness of what could be , it was time for me to head down to the Hard Rock stadium in Miami Gardens and see for myself what all the hoopla was about. Upon arrival I was immediately introduced to homegrown talent Mr. A. Randolph Band and the Smash Room Project. This was the first ever Jazz in the Gardens House band and trust and believe this brotha will be back again! Mr.Randolph took the time in between stellar performance to discuss with media what it was like to grace the Jazz in the Gardens stage as a local. There was no denying his excitement!

After adjusting to the sights and sounds of Jazz in the Gardens it was time for me to settle into Day 1 and prepare for the stellar performance of Mr. green eyes himself, the talented and handsome Mr. Smokey Robinson. Smokey's performance was nothing short of fantastic but instead of me trying to put it into words let me just sum it up by quoting the wise words of comedian Rickey Smiley, (Host), who stated there were several pairs of panties left on the stage after the completion of  Mr. Smokey Robinsons performance!

Music Festival/ Performers/ Miami Gardens/  Fantasia

Songstress Fantasia and I are so BFF's in my head. I mean how else could you explain getting all the deets on her family life, hood husband,  friends who aren't really friends all while feeling like you are experiencing the most intimate of church services with your friend and confidant! Fantasia single handedly tore up the Jazz in the Gardens stage and took us to church at the same damn time! I can sing this lady's praises for hours on end but today I'm just going to close it out with a simple Thanks Sis! Thank you for being you!

Chaka Khan/ Music Festival/ Performers/ Miami Gardens

The final performance of Jazz in the Gardens Day 1 belonged to none other than the legendary Mrs. Chaka Khan.I was so excited to see Chaka Khan perform. I mean after all growing up I wanted nothing more than to be her. Chaka had the most amazing hair, style for days, and a voice that made her a force to be reckoned with but FABulites, Mrs Khan wasn't exactly in the Jazz in the Gardens  spirit and wasn't afraid to show it! The first clue that it probably wasn't going to be Chaka's best performance was when after being on the stage for a couple minutes and apparently slurring her words slightly Chaka addressed the crowd asking Yall gone do this or what in the stankest of demeanors. Because I like a little disorderly conduct every now and then her words immediately peaked my interest and I was here for the funk. Clue number 2 happened when I graced the stage to take pictures and noticed Chaka repeatedly checking her watch or bracelet as though she was checking the time to see how long she'd have to appear on the stage! Chaka had no time for the foolishness and wasn't afraid to show it! Show Out Chaka! Clearly slurred words, a not so positive  attitude, and a less than stellar overall performance sent the Jazz in the Gardens audience packing a little early which did make me feel kinda bad. I have no idea what Chaka was dealing with or what made her behave and perform the way she did but what I do know is Chaka is a legend,  and she is Every Woman who has ever had a bad day and lived to tell about it! Chaka Khan!

Jumpsuit & Shoes

That concludes my Day1 recap of the 2018 Jazz in the Gardens Music Festival. I really hope you'll tune in tomorrow for my recap of Day 2. Have you ever experienced the fabness of a Jazz in the Garden's Weekend? Which celebrity artist would you like to see grace the 2019 Jazz in the Gardens stage? For more info on Jazz in the Gardens please visit

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