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Boutique Sales Chic- Year Two and Beyond!

Hey yall Hey and Happy Monday! Been spending lots of time lately thinking about my business Boutique Sales Chic and decided I wanted to give u a really honest look at what completing your first year of business means and the oh so important what's next. Get ready my people cause this will be a dose of REAL I'm not sure you're ready for! In the wise words of my girl Lauryn Hill, Fantasy is what they want but reality is what they need and today you're going to get nothing but Reality!

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One of the first things you hear when starting your own business is to go ahead and quit your day job and allow your dreams and passion to propel you in starting said business. What's not spoke about as often is the fact that it takes money  for your business to grow and honestly lots of it. It takes money to buy or produce your product, it takes money to market your product, it takes money to keep your passion filled business up and running and it takes money to pay the bills while you're running your business. What I'm saying is that while it's inspiring and motivating to be able to say you left it all on the table to be able to run your own business it's expensive as hell and if you plan on running your own business you need to be prepared for this!

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While I was never bold enough to actually leave my paying 9-5 in pursuit of my dreams of one day owning my own business, once I was in the position where I was let go of my job for the past 10 years I jumped at the chance of being my own boss, making my own rules, and doing it my way! I had the if I build it they will come mentality and no one was going to tell me otherwise! I had a lot to learn and honestly and truly the only way I was going to learn it was to just dive in and take it day by day. Experience is absolutely the best teacher!

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I have even bigger goals for my business heading into my second year. I now know it takes, hard work, dedication, a willingness to constantly be learning, and funds to meet those goals. My aspirations for my business are taking me places I never thought I'd find myself. I spent my last 8 months working a position I absolutely hated and just recently I found myself in these street going door to door trying to push AT&T to homeowners. Although that specific position only lasted a day it made me realize just how focused I am on growing my business and being unapologetic about what I will and will not do to make it a success. Never in a million years thought this would be my reality but I'm proud to say that every sale, every satisfied customer, every day that I learn something new let's me know I'm doing it the right way and will just continue grinding! After all, Rome wasn't built in a day right?

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Are you a new business owner? What's been the most difficult part about growing your business and what steps are you taking to combat those issues! Business Owners Unite!

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