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We Want What We Want now Let's Get It!

Happy Monday FABulites! How was your weekend? I spent my weekend at the beach reflecting on some of the things I want and also how I'm going to get about getting those things. Gone are the days when we claim there  are a million things we want and then fail to take action to achieve some of those things. We want the things we want and now Let's Get It!

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FABulites, I think I finally figured it out. Last week I spoke to you about getting a full time job in an effort to help my business Boutique Sales Chic progress to the next level. Somewhere along this journey I figured out that I didn't want just any full time position I want a position is social media. I mean who would be more qualified for a position of that manner than me? I live for all things social media and I can't wait to share my skills and expertise with the world. Not only would I be completely FAB and a great asset to any company in this position but also think of the benefits a social media job would have on my business. I would be able to share the tips and information I've collected over the last past 15 years while also learning different ways to help my business grow! Win Win right!! 

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I also think it's time I take both my Blogging and Business on the road. Having an online presence is amazing but there's just something wonderful about meeting people face to face and sharing your passions with them. I've been obsessed with documentaries and shows like Unsung and I've finally figured out it's because I've been preparing to share my story with the world. One day is now and I would love the opportunity to share with women and young girls all over how I got started Blogging and how my blogging progressed to me having my own business. Yep I have a story to tell and I'm ready to tell it!

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Have I mentioned how honored I am to have this platform and how much I enjoy sharing my fashions, my family, my goals, my wants, and more with you all? It's because of each and every one of you that I'm now clearly able to define just what it is I want and my sometime unorthodox way of getting them.  What's something, one thing that you WANT right now? How are you gonna get it?

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