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Tyler Perry's Acrimony- A Must See!

Happy Monday FABulites! How's everyone doing this fine morning, How was your weekend. I celebrated my 43rd birthday this weekend and oh what a celebration it was! One of my birthday requests this year was just to spend the day doing some of the things I love most and one of those things was going to the movies. This time I decided to check out my best friend in my head (Taraji P Henson) and Big Brother (Tyler Perry) new movie Acrimony and let me just tell you I am beyond happy that I did!

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From the previews I thought I had Acrimony all figured out but boy was I wrong! I thought I was going to see yet another movie about an angry black woman scorned yet again by the man she loves but in reality, Acrimony is so much more. In this movie, the brilliant Tyler Perry dove into the reality that comes along with us being willing to do whatever it takes to make our dreams a reality and the people who support us through it.

Not a day goes by lately without someone encouraging us to make our dreams a reality by any means necessary but what's not discussed as often are those who sacrifice the most to assist us in making sure those dreams become reality and also what we go through if and when those dreams never happen. This movie forced us to ask the question, How much are we willing to go through for the dreams of our lovers and the dynamics we experience once those dreams become a reality. Kinda like a be careful what you ask for because you just might get it combined with a is there a limit to my dream support.

The acting, the writing, the scenes, Amazing! Don't just think you know what this movie has in store, check it out as quickly as possible. I know lots of people give Tyler Perry flack for some of his movies but I assure you this one is a MUST SEE!

Have you checked out Tyler Perry's Acrimony? If so share your thoughts with me below in the comments. If not, What are you waiting for?

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