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Vending- My First Time!

Happy Monday FABulites! How's everyone doing today? How was your weekend? My weekend was full of surprises and we'll get into why shortly but before we get started I just wanted to mention the joy that comes from doing something you truy love and enjoy doing. I've worked non stop since the age of 16 and finally I know what it feels like to truly enjoy following your true passion and calling. Now let's hop right into my very first Boutique Sales Chic vending experience, Ready or Not here it comes!

Vending/ Miami/ Little Hait Cultural Complex/ Boutique Sales Chic

Saturday morning started off just like any other day except it wasn't. It was the day I was going to have my very first vending experience and I couldn't wait! I began my day by first showing support for Small Business Saturday and then of course updating my social media on the day's event and where my brand and blog followers could find me. It seemed as though everything was going great or so I thought.

I arrived at the event around 4:30p.m. to get set up for my evening ahead. The event took place at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex in Miami and the venue was absolutely stunning! It was colorful, spacious, and rich in the arts. What more could a girl ask for right?  It took us, My daughter and I approximately an hour and 45 minutes to get set up and once we did we were ready for some action!
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Here's where things started going down hill. The set up was done, the area was ready,  and we were ready to share our fashions with the world but the world simply didn't show up! You heard that right, my very first vending experience was a major bust and ended with one sale and a room of maybe 5 attendees at the most! One hour passed by, two hours, three hours, and then sadly four. It was definitely a low point for Boutique Sales Chic but an experience none the less!

Boutique Sales Chic/ Small Business/ Woman Owned Business

As we began to wrap up for the night I couldn't help but to focus on  what we could have done to avoid this entire embarrassing experience and believe it or not I'm thankful for what this taught me. Trust and believe my next vending event I will take the time to research the event more carefully, do a better job at promoting the event to my audience, and follow up with the event organizer leading up to the event on ticket sales, amount of expected guests and more. I will also do a better job at making sure we are a good fit for any future events as well! Lesson Learned!

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And there you have it folks! The dirty ugly  truth about my very first vending experience but rest assured definitely not my last! Have you ever had an event with a poor turnout and if so how did you handle it. What steps did you take to try to prevent this from happening again? Thanks for listening and I hope my experience helps someone else preparing for their Very First Time!

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