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Hey Disney, It's Time to do Better!

FABulites, I've been blogging  for nearly 10  years now and within that time I've seen some thangs and I've done some thangs! Over the years I've watched and have often been a part of the changes taking place in the blogging world including more bloggers of color taking their blogging to the next level and starting their own businesses, more bloggers speaking out on the inclusion of African American Bloggers of all levels,  and more bloggers showing support for their fellow Bloggers and Brand Builders but today we are going to discuss some things in the blogging world that just don't seem to be changing such as attending a Disney event and being the only black mom in attendance. Today we are discussing Disney and the need to do better!

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Hey Disney, I am a Dope Black Mom! Between running a business with my first born to traveling the US with my second to getting my toddler prepared for Pre K, I am a Mom on a mission. The problem is when I attend your South Florida Events you have a way of making me feel like I am THEE ONLY dope Black MOM and that my friends simply is not true. There are millions of us just in South Florida alone who would love the opportunity to work with you, to attend your events, to be a part of the Universal Love you represent, but for some reason that appears to be easier said than done. 

A couple weeks ago my family and I were invited once again the  Disney on Ice VIP Party where maybe 50-75 or more parents and kids come out for a opening night party before the kick off show begins. This event is amazing and is complete with food, gift bags for the kids, private pictures with the Disney characters and more! I am a total rock star in the eyes of my kids when we attend these events. The problem is that for the 3 or 4 years that I have been attending this event I am THEE ONLY Black Mom in attendance, WHY? I'm normally invited by a PR Agency and I'm not sure if the issue is the agencies you work with to staff these events or what but I do know that in 2018 this should not be the case and is unacceptable.

Being born and raised in Sunny South Florida I know that this group of Moms does not evenly represent my home. I mean we are currently considered the melting pot of the world so YES I think even a Disney Event should too represent that! What I want is more inclusion of the Black Moms at Disney events and what I ask is just for Disney to do better! Signed Dope Black MOM!

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