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Mama Sexy Saturday-Fitness Edition!

Hi FABulites and Thanks for joining me for another edition of Mama Sexy Saturday's. This weeks post is all about keeping it cute while working on your overall fitness and how to keep going when life throws you a fitness curveball, Let's get started!
This week I was thrown what I like to be called a bit of a fitness curve ball. With Monday being a Holiday (Labor Day) and the special Media event I attended on Thursday for Rosewood I found it a little difficult to stick to my fitness routine and missed working out days I shouldn't have. When you're a busy person on the go things like this will happen but the key is getting back on track as quickly as possible.
Sometimes it may be necessary to multitask even when it comes  to getting your workout in and those of you with kids know exactly what I'm talking about. Normally I don't work out on Sundays but when FabJr. came to me and asked if he could go to the soccer field and get a little practice in I knew it was a great opportunity to spend some times with my boys and also make up for one of the missed workout days I missed during the week, Win Win!
Besides spending time with my Boys and getting a great workout in it was also a pretty good time to work on my photography and also thrown on one of my favorite new workout outfits. I'm not sure about you but I believe some of my best work is done when I'm wearing a really cute fun and affordable workout outfit and today was no different. I managed to cop both the top and bottom at Sears and believe it or not the entire workout look cost me under $18Bucks! With fab prices like these we can all afford to look out cutest while getting our workout on!
Thanks for allowing me to share another episode of Mama Sexy Saturday with you and I hope you enjoyed it. It was an eventful week and even with all the chaos I managed to shed 4lbs and eat better than I've done in a really long time! How do you go about staying on track with your workouts when life throws you a fitness curveball? I'd love to hear from you in the comments and again, Thanks for listening and sharing!

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