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Fab's Fit of the Day- The Black Jumpsuit!

Happy Thursday Luvs! Hope everyone's Thursday is off to a fantastic start! I struggled to get out of bed this morning for my early morning workout and when I finally made it to the park and began struggling thru my long run it started pouring raining! I know it's bad but can I just say my Prayers Were Answered! Enough of my lazy workout rituals, Let's jump right into my Thurday Luvin Fit of the Day!

I wore this jumper once before I believe on my birthday back in April and it still brings me joy in September, Go Figure! I purchased this little number at Sears  and I love the fact that I can throw it on when I'm in a hurry and still look very put together!

I have a really cute event to attend this evening when I leave my 9-5 so I wanted to wear something that says I'm a Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and as most, I'm sensitive about my ish! Ha!

You can kinda get a better look at the jumper here. Sorry I didn't have a chance to take a picture of the back because its really pretty and laced out but maybe my third time around will be the charm. Thanks for tuning in to the Frugal Flirty N Fab, and what are your wearing for your Thursday Fit of the Day?

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